Month: March 2014

Chicken with tomatoes and leeks

This week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine recipe was inspired by a twitter recipe by Rishia Zimmern (who is apparently a celebrity chef? I don’t know?). And this week’s Distributed Kitchen recipe is inspired by the inspired recipe. It’s a inspir-ception. The original recipe which was “Rishia Zimmern’s Chicken With Shallots”. I mixed up leeks with shallots when I went grocery shopping. (more…)

Latkes are absolutely culturally appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

Last Monday, in honor of Ireland’s long and sordid history with potatoes, I made potato latkes. Well, no, actually I had some potatoes that I was worried would go bad if I didn’t use them and was craving fried things. Latkes happened. The following recipe is pretty much completely stolen from Mark Bittman’s first of edition of ‘How to Cook Everything’ and sized down to be a Joanna-sized portion. (more…)