Ed Venator

Professional roboticist, currently living in Texas. I cook just about daily, and bake maybe once a month. Recently, I decided to supplement my “throw stuff in a pan” method by making at least one actual recipe a week.

Brandon Piercy

i usually just make pretty simple food stuff. mostly somewhere between korean, italian, mexican, and american food. also i do pastry stuff (but not cake). i also tend to try to make everything from scratch. i also wanna do the nifty molecular gastronomy stuff but a rotary evaporator is kinda expensive. so we’ll see.

Some equipment:

  • Mandoline slicer
  • Food processor
  • Blendtec blender
  • Rice cooker (look don’t hate this sucker does everything)

Joanna Venator

Ed’s sister Person with an individual identity not defined by her relationship to a man**, economist at large, vegetable roasting enthusiast.

Three things about me:

  1. Life outside of  food blogging: research assistant at a center-left think tank in Washington DC who spends a lot of time writing about single motherhood, contraception, behavioral economics and social mobility. Also, my job involves being a semi-professional blogger so you should expect high quality posts from me (lolz jk).
  2.   My favorite food is cow and all its’ byproducts. My dishes will have a heavy emphasis  the best cow byproduct: butter
  3. My cooking style: to recreate a dish I have in my head by cobbling together a few different recipes I find online but then realizing I don’t have enough ingredients.

**Edward wrote the description before the list. I have taken the liberty of editing so that it reflects the patriarchy less.

Kate Coyle

is a grad student who bakes cookies and doesn’t afraid of anything

But really, I’m a genetics PhD student who works late and thinks food should go from fridge to mouth in <5 minutes. This, combined with the facts that I live alone and am a picky eater, means cooking is a rare occurrence in my apartment. However, I do spend the occasional late night baking something tasty, so expect lots of sweets from my kitchen!

Also, my Kitchenaid is my best friend ❤


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