Cooked Spinach and Jack Cheese Bread Pudding

Spinach and Jack Cheese Bread Pudding

It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve still got a few recipes in the backlog that I never wrote about. An unfortunate side-effect of waiting so long to write about something is that I forget a lot of the details. That results in boring posts like this one.


Russian Farmer’s Cheese aka Tvorog

Next in the series of things Joanna made for holiday parties that are now only marginally seasonally appropriate: Farmer’s Cheese for my friend’s Hannukah party. He wanted to make (along with his latkes) syrniki, which are essentially slightly sweet fried cheese pancakes from Ukraine. But to do it properly, he needed homemade farmer’s cheese and was unfortunately going out of town the weekend before. But never fear, I was willing to try my hand at making cheese from scratch — and only moderately worried that I would kill everyone with rancid cheese.

And it worked! Color me shocked. This is a surprisingly simple recipe (which I got from a blog called Natasha’s Kitchen), though you do need to be willing to be able to devote some time to it every 12 hours for about 3 days. The cheese by itself is very, very mild and doesn’t have that much flavor, but was delicious in the pancakes (which I cannot take credit for — see this recipe if you want to make them). The cheese would also be good spread on toast or in a leafy green salad.

Macaroni and Cheese

This one’s an original recipe. I’ve been trying to find a good mac and cheese recipe for like two years now, not that I’ve been trying very hard.

My mom makes a Velveeta macaroni and cheese that’s pretty good, but the problem with Velveeta macaroni and cheese is that it’s a little gluey and the taste is a little more American cheese than cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I like American cheese, Velveeta, and Kraft macaroni and cheese, but I’ve been trying to find a good recipe for mac and cheese with real cheese.