Latin Chicken With Black Beans and Sweet Potatoes

Latin Chicken with Black Beans and Sweet Potatoes

This hearty, sweet, and spicy (but not too hot) slow-cooked chicken dish is from the Good Housekeeping Cookbook (125 Anniversary Edition), which is rapidly becoming my favorite cookbook. The recipes I’ve cooked from it tend to be pretty easy, and they don’t call for too many exotic ingredients. Most importantly, the recipes work the first time, without having to change things around or guess at vague instructions (looking at you, Mark Bittman).

Onion-Lemon Chicken Kebabs

This recipe is straight out of Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. He has a whole two page chart of variations on chicken kebabs, but I decided to start with his basic recipe, which uses an onion-lemon marinade. I grilled them, but you could also broil them. These are really easy to make, and they turned out really good. I would definitely make them again. (more…)

Chicken with tomatoes and leeks

This week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine recipe was inspired by a twitter recipe by Rishia Zimmern (who is apparently a celebrity chef? I don’t know?). And this week’s Distributed Kitchen recipe is inspired by the inspired recipe. It’s a inspir-ception. The original recipe which was “Rishia Zimmern’s Chicken With Shallots”. I mixed up leeks with shallots when I went grocery shopping. (more…)

Stuffing for One

My mother makes the best stuffing in the world. Edward can confirm this and given that he has an advanced degree, I think we can thus safely assume that this is a scientific fact. Bread, sausage, butter, sage, thyme, and onion combine (with other things that I don’t pay attention to) in a wonderful wonderful way.

Unfortunately, her stuffing is less successful when you’re not roasting and stuffing a turkey. My attempt to make it by roasting it under chicken thighs left me with a crispy crunchy substance which, while delicious, couldn’t quite be called stuffing.

What’s a girl to do? Obviously invent her own stuffing. Plus this feeds my obsession with roasting everything I can find. I love my oven.