Mushroom Stroganoff

I’m really behind on posting recipes on here — I have 2 or 3 recipes that turned out well and I took photos that are just sitting in my camera waiting for me to get around to uploading them. I’ll hold off on posting some of the older ones and instead post another installment in the “Joanna cooks vegetarian things lawlz” series. Recipes to look forward to include: Thai Red Curry with Shrimp, Peppers, and Broccoli; Open Face Roasted Vegetable and Cheese Sandwiches with avocado garlic mayonnaise; Lentil and Quinoa Vegan “Chili”.

I found the recipe this is based on through one of Buzzfeed’s recipe lists (probably something called 27 Cozy Vegetarian Dishes for Fall… that sounds like something I would read) and it originates from a food blog called “Amuse your Bouche: simple vegetarian recipes.” If you’d like to check out the original recipe, it can be found here


Macaroni and Cheese

This one’s an original recipe. I’ve been trying to find a good mac and cheese recipe for like two years now, not that I’ve been trying very hard.

My mom makes a Velveeta macaroni and cheese that’s pretty good, but the problem with Velveeta macaroni and cheese is that it’s a little gluey and the taste is a little more American cheese than cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I like American cheese, Velveeta, and Kraft macaroni and cheese, but I’ve been trying to find a good recipe for mac and cheese with real cheese.

Stewed Lentils with Tomatoes

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the environmental footprint of eating meat and realizing that I don’t have a vegetarian cooking repertoire. Call me self-centered, but I’m much more moved by the negative impacts of meat eating on humanity than I am by the moral questions of animal cruelty. High-meat eaters contribute about twice as much CO2 each day as vegetarian (according to study). And I’m pretty sure I’m a high meat eater. Plus, you know meat eating is typically less healthy than eating vegetarian.

As such, I’m going to make an effort to cook more all-vegetarian meals, a mission that I am going to document here. I’ll never be totally meat-less. I love meat. But I can try to reduce the amount of meat I take in on a regular basis.

And this mission starts with: stewed lentils with tomatoes (more…)

Corn and tuna tacos with zucchini slaw

Last week, I made fish tacos and zucchini slaw. Which is much better than normal slaw because it involves less cabbage. By which I mean no cabbage (The only good cabbage is red cabbage. Made the German way. By which I mean, from a jar and by my mother).

Since it was last week, some of the instructions might be a little bit forgotten. But the two recipes that I stole flavoring and cooking times from are here:



Also, when I opened up my photo files, I realized that 80% of them were super blurry. My bad. I tried to salvage them with mad photo editing skillz, but as you can see, I wasn’t that successful.

Anyway, enjoy!

Scallops, two ways

I swear, I do eat and cook things that aren’t seafood. But baked chicken mostly involves me putting spices on a chicken thigh and sticking it in the oven for 45 minutes. And steak involves a super hot pan and some butter, but not much else. None of these things seem blogworthy. Hence– most of my recipes involve seafood.

Today you get a one day only, special surprise deal: two blogs for the price of one. Basically, I’m lazy and forgot to blog the original recipe when I made it, but have lots of pretty pictures that shouldn’t go to waste. This happens to me a lot (RIP enchiladas, stuffed pork chops, and black bean burgers photos which will never see the light of day because I took the photos too long ago and can’t remember the ingredients/instructions). As a result, you get both my scallop recipes at once.

Lemon Dijon Pork Chops with Plum Tomatoes

Don’t tell anyone, but I might like mustard and tomatoes. I spent my entire childhood hating both of them with a passion, but I’ve discovered that while I still don’t like raw tomatoes and I won’t be having yellow mustard anytime soon, dijon mustard is delicious on pork and tomatoes cooked in wine is my second favorite way to consume wine. This recipe is an amalgam of these tastes. All credit goes to me… I didn’t even need to use Bittman to figure out cooking times!

This recipe feeds one, but could easily feed more by doubling the vegetables and number of porkchops.

Seared tuna over a kale salad with avocado mustard vinaigrette

I am breaking the Mediterranean trend on this blog. Today’s recipe is inspired by four different things:

a.  I recently finished reading Nora Ephron’s semi-autobiographical novel Heartburn, which contains recipes throughout the book including a recipe for the “perfect” way to make a vinaigrette. I am not using this recipe, but I THOUGHT of making salad dressing because of it.

b. The avocado part of this dinner comes from a conversation I had with my mother a couple weeks ago which went about as follows (this is completely paraphrased):

Mom: Your father made me buy avocados, but I don’t know what to do with them.
Joanna: Eat them?
Mom: You’re a snot. What do you do with avocados?
Joanna: Usually just eat them. Like by the spoonful. Or put them on sandwiches. Or make guacamole.
Mom: But I don’t think I like avocados.
Joanna: Well, then perhaps Dad should be the one to decide what y’all do with the avocados.

So, Mom (the only person I know regularly reads this blog), here’s a suggestion of what you can do with avocados

c. This buzzfeed article which told me that kale salads can deal with a heavy dressing and suggested chiffonading the kale and tossing with salt/oil for a bit before adding the rest of the dressing.

d. Tuna steaks were on sale at Giant.

And so, without further ado, my original creation: seared tuna over kale salad with avocado mustard vinaigrette. (more…)

Sesame-spice Turkey Meatballs (with cucumber yogurt sauce)

Today was a momentous day in the kitchen. Ok, well, not that momentous. I made my first full recipe from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook — a Christmas gift from my darling brother and co-blogger, Edward (I also made challah French Toast– to be posted at a later date). I’ve adapted recipes from it a couple times before and of course, I’ve made things from the recipes on the Smitten Kitchen blog. But today was the first time that I said, gosh darn it, who cares if sesame seeds cost a fortune — I’m making this recipe! And I am very grateful that I did because these meatballs are AMAZING. Like mouth-watering good. (more…)