Kimchi v1.0


Kimchi, post jarring and fridging!


Two sealable jars. Napa cabbage, cut/rip into large bits, soak in a light brine solution for up to 24 hrs. Cut one bunch green onions. Puree half of a small onion. Puree ~1 tsp of ginger. In a large bowl, add and mix following: red pepper powder (gochujaru), sugar, salt. To bowl, add green onions, onion paste, ginger paste; mix until coated. Drain cabbage. Cut medallions of daikon radish, then cut those into halves. Mix everything together. Use a little water to pick up the remaining spices and add that water to the cabbage mix. You should slightly taste salt. Jar it, seal it, leave on the counter for up to 48 hours on top of a plate to catch any spillage from bubbling.Fridge it.