Seared tuna over a kale salad with avocado mustard vinaigrette

I am breaking the Mediterranean trend on this blog. Today’s recipe is inspired by four different things:

a.  I recently finished reading Nora Ephron’s semi-autobiographical novel Heartburn, which contains recipes throughout the book including a recipe for the “perfect” way to make a vinaigrette. I am not using this recipe, but I THOUGHT of making salad dressing because of it.

b. The avocado part of this dinner comes from a conversation I had with my mother a couple weeks ago which went about as follows (this is completely paraphrased):

Mom: Your father made me buy avocados, but I don’t know what to do with them.
Joanna: Eat them?
Mom: You’re a snot. What do you do with avocados?
Joanna: Usually just eat them. Like by the spoonful. Or put them on sandwiches. Or make guacamole.
Mom: But I don’t think I like avocados.
Joanna: Well, then perhaps Dad should be the one to decide what y’all do with the avocados.

So, Mom (the only person I know regularly reads this blog), here’s a suggestion of what you can do with avocados

c. This buzzfeed article which told me that kale salads can deal with a heavy dressing and suggested chiffonading the kale and tossing with salt/oil for a bit before adding the rest of the dressing.

d. Tuna steaks were on sale at Giant.

And so, without further ado, my original creation: seared tuna over kale salad with avocado mustard vinaigrette. (more…)