Full meal

Chicken with tomatoes and leeks

This week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine recipe was inspired by a twitter recipe by Rishia Zimmern (who is apparently a celebrity chef? I don’t know?). And this week’s Distributed Kitchen recipe is inspired by the inspired recipe. It’s a inspir-ception. The original recipe which was “Rishia Zimmern’s Chicken With Shallots”. I mixed up leeks with shallots when I went grocery shopping. (more…)

Stuffing for One

My mother makes the best stuffing in the world. Edward can confirm this and given that he has an advanced degree, I think we can thus safely assume that this is a scientific fact. Bread, sausage, butter, sage, thyme, and onion combine (with other things that I don’t pay attention to) in a wonderful wonderful way.

Unfortunately, her stuffing is less successful when you’re not roasting and stuffing a turkey. My attempt to make it by roasting it under chicken thighs left me with a crispy crunchy substance which, while delicious, couldn’t quite be called stuffing.

What’s a girl to do? Obviously invent her own stuffing. Plus this feeds my obsession with roasting everything I can find. I love my oven.